Saturday 4 August 2012

St John-in-Bedwardine, Worcester

New followers may not know this, but I try to produce a watercolour painting two or three times a year. Most are auctioned for charity or given away as gifts. Earlier this year my daughter asked me if I could paint St John-in-Bedwardine Church, St Johns, Worcester for an ex-school colleague who was getting married there earlier today and so she could give it as a wedding gift. 

The sketch was based on a small photographic image of the church and drawn in fine pencil while the wash colouring was inspired by an article in this months Practical Artist/Practical Painter (the painting of a Windmill watercolour) that I saw at Droitwich library earlier this week.

I attempted to sketch the church from the graveyard side as accurately as possible, but it was the 'free-style' painting on wet watercolour paper with a large watercolour brush and broad strokes that I enjoyed most. A style that I believe suits my drawing style better than a more detailed and heavy or accurate painting style.

I have tried many painting styles over the years, none of which were as satisfying or as fast as this one.

The painting was simply framed in a plain mount and a gold coloured frame.

The actual church is constructed from red sandstone, almost blood red in places and it was fun to try and capture this colouring in the painting.

Sue and I regularly visit St Johns. There are a number of local shops that we like to shop at - one sells Pork Roll sandwiches (with stuffing and crackling)  just across from this church and when we buy our it is not unknown for us to sit in the church grounds eating ours.



Gavin Syme (GBS) said...

Very nice work Tony.


Jay said...

A very nice w/c painting tribute to the church.

John Lambshead said...

That is lovely!

Tea in Thailand said...

It looks brilliant Dad, thanks! :D I'll have to commission some more I think! xxxx