Wednesday 27 March 2013

Tarragin for Flash Gordon - part four

A short update. Yesterday I gloss varnished the miniature. I used Ronseal Hardglaze. 

The figure is safely housed in the garage as I wait for the varnish to harden, the cold weather has certainly hampered any attempts at finishing off this single figure but with a promise of more sun over the Easter break, maybe I'll get it finished before the end of March. I have to, I already know what my April pledge is going to be.

In terms of 'The Pledge', this has been a simple challenge, a single mini and a whole month to complete, but March in the West Midlands, has felt more like November in Iceland. I for one will be glad when we can start to venture out without a scarf and gloves.

More to come, but not too much as it is very nearly finished.


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