Friday 8 March 2013

Tarragin for Flash Gordon - part two

A quick update on progress so far.....

Photo One - Shows the Basing complete. I have added some sieved stones and fine sand over a layer of dilute uPVA glue. I use Unibond uPVA glue for this as it is less likely to be effected by water based paints/acrylics as painting progresses.

Photo Two - A close up image of the unpainted base.

Photo Three - The Tarragin undercoated. I have used Vallejo Game Color as I did not have any Black spray paint. The miniature is painted with Very Dark Blue and Black, applied with a large, soft bristled brush.

I choose the dark blue as I did not want yet another green skinned Lizardman. My intention is to paint it with a blue body and a lighter, possibly ivory coloured tummy area.

With the prospect of even more cold weather and Dave (at Grand Manner) wanting some bits and pieces prior to the Allumwell show (see earlier posts), I expect this model will be moved to the 'back-burner' for the next couple of days.


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