Sunday 4 August 2013

11,400 page views in one month

It would be wrong of me to say that I do not follow my Blogging Stats on a regular basis, similarly I do not check them every day. In July I saw the highest monthly view count I had ever experienced, 11,400 views. Prior to this my highest was just over 11,000. 

9,000 - 10,000 page views being the average in a normal month.

The bulk of the views were for posts featuring my book Building Wargame Terrain. 

I have tended to judge the success of my Blog. by comments left rather than page views, believing that comments left are a better measurement for how posts have been enjoyed.

I also know that the book Building Wargame Terrain has taken up quite a bit of my Blogging and modelling time - the books do not get wrapped and posted by themselves. Now that things have begun to quieten down, expect things to get back to normal, well as normal as can be expected now that Holly is home from Thailand! Plans for this week include stripping and repainting a Welsh Dresser.


1 comment:

Sean said...

Wow, that's a lot of page views. I became addicted to high view numbers with the dynamic views, but decided in the end it wasn't worth it with how twitchy the javascript was. I also forgot to mention that your book arrived safe and sound. Thanks.