Sunday 18 August 2013

Captain Hawk and the Stone of Destiny

I recently came across this illustrated children's book called Captain Hawk and the Stone of Destiny by Jim Eldridge and illustrated by Janek Matysiak. The book is a well illustrated book with a one-dimensional story. Even so the simple story and fantastic illustrations have already given me a number of gaming adventures or scenarios for my 40mm Flash Gordon collection.

I am reminded of Starhawk, see this post and this post for further details. A Hans Solo type character accompanied by his Robot sidekick. I can see this theme being the basis for some Space Opera type roleplaying games in years to come.

It would be wrong to even suggest that this is a book to go and search out, it is just good comic book fun and an easy read. Further research has however, identified Janek Matysiak as a 'serious' comic book illustrator and one worth checking out. See this post for more information.

The book was picked up for a few pence at a charity store last week. Full details are;
Captain Hawk and the Stone of Destiny by Jim Eldridge
Illustrated by Janek Matysiak
Published by A&C Black, London in 1997
ISBN 0-7136-4710-8


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