Thursday, 22 August 2013

Harpy -part four

Luke Benson's cousin now matt varnished and fully based. I have used Galleria Matt Varnish (three coats) and some mixed static grass to decorate the base. He still looks a little glossy, but is now very well protected.

Photos - Two, Three and Four - Show different views of the same figure. I have already commented on how I found it difficult to paint non-military colours but now think they came out OK. This was one of the most involved Flintloque conversions I have done for a while. In my next post I will take some images of the whole group of 'Fighting Forty-Firsts' inspired by the Commando Comic Days of Daring, see earlier posts for details; hereherehere and here.

I know that Flintloque miniatures are either loved or hated for their chunky styling and cartoon features. I think they are fun to both model and paint and always bring a smile to my face. My Flintloque miniature collection is now in the hundreds, with themed terrain and gaming aids.


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