Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Citadel Washes for sale!

Last Friday I posted that I had been lucky enough to find four new pots of CITADEL WASHES in a toystore call Your Place in Alcester. I have decided to keep these pots for my own use. However earlier today Sue and I visited Stratford upon Avon and passing Alcester I stopped at Your Place to see if there were any more pots of Citadel Washes.

There were;
Three pots of Badab Black and one pot of Devlan Mud. I bought all four and have placed two of the pots on E-bay with a starting price of just 99p. At this moment they are available to view at this link and this link.

The two images show the two pots and the receipts to prove that they are NEW, bought on 27.08.2013.

Happy bidding.



Remco said...

Perfect stuff this is, a shame I live to far away......,
so I go to the store here ;-)

Good luck on the sale!

George Georgiou said...

Great find. It is nice to see that there are still some pots of these two colours still out there. I still have a pot or two left I'm my collection, but it will not be long before it runs out.