Friday 23 August 2013

Harpy - part five

Photos Two and Three - show before and after of these two Flintloque miniatures.

Photo Four - The whole group of 'Fighting Forty-Firsts' as featured in the Commando Comic 'Days of Daring. This is the first time that these figures have been together as a group since the initial post which can be seen here.

Each of these figures were either e-bay purchases or picked up second-hand at the Alumwell Wargame Show earlier this year. I have re-based them on 2p coins before giving them a new paint scheme. I find it very satisfying to take unloved second-hand minis and repaint them.

Photo Five - Finally, the Commando Comic that inspired the group. Days of Daring (3785) which tells the story of Luke Benson (figure on the left), his cousin (character in the background) and the Rifles of the 41st while fighting in the Peninsular War.

It is my intention to produce custom stats or a roster sheet for Flintloque third edition in the coming days.



Rob Alderman said...

Excellent work, Tony!
I know what you mean about taking previously unloved miniatures and giving them the work they deserve!
Well done again,

Sean said...

Nice bunch and fantastic that they are all re-purposed figs.