Thursday 15 August 2013

Harpy - part two

The next step in converting Harpy to Luke Benson's cousin was the 'pork pie' hat. In this image you can see my first attempt, plasticard disc and some Milliput.

Photo Two - The second attempt, the hat has been removed and I have sanded the top of Harpy's head so that the hat is both lower and at an angle, sloping from front to back. Finally I have added a hat band and smoothed out the sculpting with a mix of white acrylic paint and filler.

Photo Three - From the rear, the angle of the hat can be seen better.

Photo Four - The base has been further textured with some sieved stones and fine sand applied over uPVA White Glue.

Photo Five - All ready for undercoating.

I would hope that these work-in-progress shots show how I approach converting and sculpting figures, for details of part one please go to this link and for details of the whole group and inspiration go to this link.



Jay said...

He is a cool character.

Rob Alderman said...

Looks great chap!


Singh Style said...