Sunday, 18 October 2015

Frostgrave Terrain - part four

Following on from the two earlier posts detailing how I build my simple Frostgrave terrain, I have in this piece of scenery combined the soft cream insulation foam and a rock from the garden to produce a hybrid.

Images Two and Three - The rock and foam have been glued to a piece of 3mm thick plastic card which was picked up at my local ALDI's store. The plastic card was/is a sign detailing new offers and was found, abandoned in the carpark. Recycling at it's very best.

I have built up the groundwork with DAS modelling clay.

Image Four - After adding sieved stones and sand to the base the basecoat is a mixture of black, white, brown and blue - as detailed in the earlier posts.

The metal pumpkin was given to me free of charge from Dark Arts Studio earlier this month and I thought it looked OK tucked into the rock face. I certainly adds colour!

Images Five and Six - Further painting and highlighting was done by drybrushing the rock face with a large flat brush. I have further highlighted the rocks with various 'washes'.

Image Seven - The groundwork was painted in my usual mix of Snakebite Leather and Snakebite/white highlights.

Image Eight - The pumpkin was built up from a mid-brown, highlighted with orange and then further highlighted with yellow.

Image Nine - After varnishing with Galleria Matt varnish, I have added both  railway scatter and some static grass clumps.

Another piece of Frostgrave terrain finished and ready for the gaming table. As I have noted in earlier posts, I will add the Baking Soda snow later.

The model is 110mm long x 50mm wide and 40mm tall.


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