Friday, 30 May 2008

Fighter Aircraft of the Great War

Following the earlier post showing the 'kit built' Sopwith Camel in 1/72nd scale I have up-loaded these images of scratch built 1/100th scale WW1 fighters that were intended as gaming pieces for a WW1 wargame that I never finished.

Plans were re-drawn from 1/72nd scale illustrations and detail taken from additional plans, photos and illustrations of aircraft.

Each model has a fuselage carved from wood, wings from plastic card and detail from a whole host of material, e.g. card, matchsticks, staples, Biro pen barrels and plastic rod. The last two images show two additional aircraft under construction.

Each model was painted with acrylics and the markings were hand painted. The models were then varnished and mounted on an 'early style' GW flying base.

I produced nearly a dozen separate models and even had a brief comment printed in MARS, an American gaming magazine.
They were great fun to produce and helped to improve my early drawing and modelling skills, however now that you can buy ready painted 1/144th scale WW1 airplanes the idea has lost most of its interest.

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