Sunday, 25 May 2008

Shipyard - The CSS Aeronef Fleet

Now that details of CSS Ranger has been posted (see earlier post) I have included with this entry the remaining Confederate States Aeronefs. They are all based on the 28mm Cloudships of Mars models seen at Salute 06 and ACW 'Iron clads'.

The construction of each follows the same techniques used with CSA Ranger.

CSS Texas - an up-armourd Ranger, with a fully enclosed hull and a 'can-opener' ram. I think this is my favourite of the Confederate fleet! 140mm long.

CSS Dixie - larger and better armed than Texas, this particular Aeronef has a forward firing gun as well as a formidable broadsides. 150mm long.

CSS Hazard, modelled after a CSA 'iron clad' of the American Civil War. Hazard is the best armoured of the whole fleet having blue painted metal plating on the whole hull. 120mm long.

CSS Havana - a flying fort, eleven gun ports with a fully enclosed hull and steam engine. 120mm long.

The thinking behind this whole fleet is that The Confederate States are using ex-Martian hulls and expertise with salvaged steam engines and reinforced hulls to improvise a fleet to counter the might of the Northern States. I wanted a feel that reminded me of the sea battle between the USA Monitor and CSA Virginia.

The names were all inspired by old westerns and The Dukes of Hazard. Texas is a bit of an strange one as regular readers will know that in my Space 1889/Aeronef universe Texas is an independent state, however like the Alamo - Texas inspires great things in the minds of the Southern States!


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