Sunday, 4 May 2008

Flash Gordon - Rockmen

This set of photos show my Rockmen, re-painted HEROCIX miniatures.

A batch of eight KORG miniatures was purchased via the net some time ago, the whole batch with shipping from America cost less than £5.00, a real bargain. For more information - check out Marvel HEROCLIX, KORG.

Each of the two finished miniatures was re-positioned and has had some 'green stuff' re-modelling then based on a 40mm round base.

The ornamental spears are wire with a metal bead added to the top and the blade cut from a Lizardman.

Below you can see a shot of the original KORG miniature. The base figure is 46mm tall.

I had intended painting the miniatures as the original HEROCLIX, but as time went on I decided that a simpler rock colour scheme would be easier and more effective. The two miniatures were painted with acrylic paints and varnished with artists acrylic matt varnish before static grass was added.


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