Sunday, 4 May 2008

Flash Gordon - Ice Creature

This particular miniature is the DRAGYRI Blue Resin Ice Elemental from Dark Age Miniatures, see;

The miniature is available as a metal miniature and (as seen here) a clear resin casting. I picked this miniature up at the UK GAMES EXPO, 2007 held in Birmingam last year. The miniature cost £10.00, and at that time was one of the most expensive individual miniatures I had bought for my Flash Gordon collection.

The miniature was assembled and based over the same weekend. The base is a wood chip, cut at an angle and glued to a 50mm round base and painted grey with white highlights. The Ice Elemental was cleaned with a sharp knife (no filing or sanding, as I did not want to damage the crisp detail) . The model was assembled with superglue (but I first tested the glue and accelerator, as some super glue's and accelerators can leave a white deposit and on a clear casting this would have been disastrous!)

Once glued - I washed the miniature with Klear (Future in the US) , distilled water and blue ink. This was done a number of times to build up the colour tint as the base figure is otherwise very plain. I did not varnish the finished figure as the Klear should act as a varnish and I did not want to loose the high gloss finish.

The model was then attached to the pre-painted and matte varnished base with more super glue and finally some static grass was added.

The model stands nearly 90mm high and is based on a 50mm round base.

"This is one of the very few occasions where photographing the miniature against a light blue background was not a good idea!" So here is an additional photo taken against a different colour background. However I am very pleased with the model and would recommend it as a great casting and simple modelling project.


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Holy crap, that is totally cool. Great tutorial too!