Thursday 3 July 2008

Flash Gordon - Beastman

Another Reaper Dark Havens metal miniature - this time a Sasquatch. I had initially purchased this figure to convert to a Lionman, however these figures are just so beautifully sculpted that the miniature was mounted on to a 40mm round base and with the exception of a small amount of 'green stuff' around the mould joint line, the model is stock.

The figure was first undercoated with GW black spray paint, touched up with black acrylic paint and then drybrushed with very dark brown, dark brown, medium brown and then GW Spearshaft Brown to pick out the flesh colour. When dry I washed the whole figure with diluted brown ink before painting the base with dark brown and picking out the stones with grey and then white.

This really was a very simple figure to paint and another great addition to my Flash Gordon collection. The figure stands just over 40mm head-to-toe.


PS. Reaper Dark Haven miniatures are a huge inspiration and source of miniatures to supplement my Cliffhanger 40mm Flash Gordon collection from Graven Images. I enjoy browsing the miniature blisters at Waylands Forge, Birmingham and Spirit Games, Burton on Trent for further source material!

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