Saturday, 12 July 2008

Flash Gordon - Sea Monster

Another addition to the Flash Gordon collection - this time a Sea Monster or Sea Lizardman! The base figure is The Abomination from the HeroClix Marvel (or DC) range of collectable miniatures and reminds me of the sea monsters or Titans from the TV series Stingray.

I purchased two from Waylands Forge about a year ago for £1.00 each and re-positioned the legs of this model to give it a different stance. In addition the loincloth was added with 'green stuff' before coating with PVA glue, undercoating with black paint and painting with acrylic paints. The base is a section of cork on to which the miniature was glued and later 'pinned'.

It is my intention to further modify the second miniature, however the scaly skin of the original is very difficult to reproduce! The miniature is just under 50mm tall and is mounted on to a 40mm round base.


1 comment:

Mike Siggins said...

They do look a little like Titans. I shall have to source some.

Been enjoying the latest figures, and also your son's site - he has some great ideas. I love the jellyfish.