Sunday, 27 July 2008

Flash Gordon - Blue Crystalman

I am afraid I have no idea what this creature was or what game system it came from. I bought it some years ago on a visit to Dublin, Ireland for one Euro. It is a plastic miniature from HeroClix or a similar game and was connected to a plastic clix base. I removed the figure when I bought it and did not keep a record of who manufactured it or what it is called - sorry.

I do know that the figure has been elevated by up to 10mm and the base was then re-sculpted with 'Milliput' and 'green stuff'. The miniature was re-painted as if evolving from the earth and painted blue as I had just finished reading Witch Queen of Mongo by Alex Raymond, in which Blue Crystalmen appear.

The growths from the figures back and head could be twigs - as if a 'Dryad', but I painted them as crystals using acrylic dark blue over a black undercoat, highlighted with blue and later light blue.

The miniature is mounted on a 40mm round base and is 60mm tall.



Anonymous said...

It's a "Living Elemental" #702 from MageKnight.

Tony said...

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