Monday, 7 July 2008

Flash Gordon - Robot

Earlier today I read that the miniature manufacturer Wargames Supply Dump W.S.D. was to close for some months due to health issues with members of the family. I felt that as a small tribute I would up-load this photo of one of the companies classic robot sculpts.

The miniature comes as a multiple casting (5 pieces - head, body, two arms and a legs/track section) and was put together with super glue. The miniature was painted with acrylic paints over a black undercoat and gloss varnished. I was trying for a retro 'Lost in Space' look!

The figure is 46mm tall and mounted on a 40mm round base. The skirmish wargame Fantastic Worlds from Rattrap Productions uses a number of different robot Profiles in its rules, this particular robot is a Bodyguard Robot (Grade 2).


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