Saturday, 12 July 2008

Flash Gordon - Hooded Minion

The latest painted miniature is another re-based and re-painted Monster-in-my-Pocket plastic figure - the Mad Gasser (number 30). 'A creature that haunts the night and released strong, nauseating and paralyzing gas in to the homes of the innocent!'

I re-based the figure on to a small slab of slate - not my usual cork, but felt that the whole dynamics was wrong and re-based it on to a small section of cork - with the base built up with DAS modelling clay and sand.

The miniature was then coated with PVA glue and under coated with black acrylic paint. The painting itself was very easy - grey over black with the skin tones built up from Games Workshop Spearshaft Brown. The original miniature was painted dark blue and dark purple.

The rock was painted grey and drybrushed with light grey and white before being varnished with water based acrylic varnish and finally some static grass was added.

The Monster-in-my-Pocket miniature require very little clean up and suit my choice of 40mm miniatures very well. The Mad Gasser is mounted on a 40mm round base and stands 47mm tall.


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