Thursday, 3 July 2008

Flash Gordon - Water Elemental

This Water Elemental is from the plastic D&D Collectable Miniature Game or CMG. I purchased this miniature for £1.00 at a show in the Birmingham area about two years ago and re-based it on a 50mm round base to fit in with my Flash Gordon collection. The biggest issue was removing the sculpt from its black plastic base and then having to trim it to fit the new base.

The miniature is cast in soft clear plastic with a blue tint that was very difficult to match up on my sculpted base. In the end I used lots of watered down washes with Klear (Future in the US) and blue ink to tint the base rather than paint it. I also varnished the whole sculpt with Klear as I wanted to keep the illusion of a wet creature.

The face was further picked out with pure white acrylic paint, as were the foaming 'white horses' of the crest!

I have yet to find a storyline where this creature is used, but it is still a good addition to the collection.


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