Monday, 28 January 2013

50 Years of the UK in Space

This morning I popped into the local library and picked up a free copy of the Summer 2012 issue of SPACE:UK (issue 35), Special Issue: 50 years of the UK in space.

Born in the late 1950's - a child of the 60's and early 70's, I don't really need an excuse to post these images. To me these are the iconic Space Rockets, silver, sleek and powerful as a school boy this wasn't just Sci-Fi this was the future, but sadly not to be.....

Photo One - By David A Hardy, the Von Braun inspired moon rocket.

Photo Two - Again by Hardy, an image of what the future launch site at Woomera might look like.

Photo Three - Also from the same magazine, this image of a Star forming. Taken from the Hubble Telescope (NASA).

Photo Three - Saturn's Moon, Lapetus.

Photo Four - Saturn's Rings.

Photo Five - The UK and Ireland at night, taken from the International Space Station.

The magazine is available from the UK Space Agency,


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Mad Padre said...

Wonderful images, especially the iconic 60s era moon rockets. I can't look at those first images and not think of Herge's Destination Moon Tintin book. :)