Friday, 4 January 2013

When the Comics went to War - at Poundland

Poundland, the UK discount store has this book for sale, for just £1.00! I picked mine up in the Kidderminser store earlier today.

When the Comics went to War by Adan Riches with Tim Parker and Robert Frankland. This hard-backed book has over 220 pages of black & white and colour illustrations and text with a list price of £19.99 - a real bargain.

I'll get around to writing a proper review later, but for now I hope that this 'heads-up' is of interest to others. I have always enjoyed Commando Comics and Battle War Stories, so this book is 'right up my street' and as my Mother-in-Law paid for it, yet another Christmas present. Thanks Mum.

Published by Mainstream Publishing in 2009. ISBN 0781845965549



PatG said...

Sadly the Concorde isn't running or I would nip over and grab a copy.

Looking forward to your review.

airhead said...

Thanks for the heads up.

All the best