Thursday 31 January 2013

Old Ares and Dragon Magazines available online.

I recently came across a comment on The Miniatures Page - see this link that old edition of both Ares and Dragon were available online. Also seen on Miniature Wargaming (January 30th 2013) - link.

Both magazines were irregular purchases of mine, however this link looks like it could be worth checking out.




Sam said...

What a great find! Through these links I also discovered an old magazine named "Space Gamer", now available on the Internet Archive. As a lover of retro Sci Fi miniature games these are full of great ideas and inspiration. It is good that people have done the effort to scan and archive these magazines so that they may be preserved for future wargaming generations.

Tony said...

Hi Sam,

Firstly - I'm glad you enjoyed the link, I agree with you that this is a great idea and makes the info and gaming experience available to so many new and existing gamers.