Thursday 13 November 2014

28mm Wall and Gate from Building Wargame Terrain

Following yesterday's post here is another brief look at one of the articles featured in Building Wargame Terrain, this time the 28mm Perimeter Wall and Gate.

Image one shows part of the finished wall and gate while image two illustrates some of the work-in-progress.

Here you can see a photo of the actual article, page 23 of Building Wargame Terrain.

Should you be interested in ordering Dampfpanzerwagon Guide No.1 - Building Wargame Terrain or Guide No.2 - More Wargame Terrain, please follow the prompts on the top right of the main Blog page where you will also find a number of fan written reviews.

Thank you.



Heisler said...

Seriously if you don't already own Tony's books, believe me, you need to. They are that good.

Tony said...

Thank you Kris.