Saturday 29 November 2014

Gnome Cannon for November - finished

At last, the Gnome Cannon and Crew are finished.

As stated in earlier posts, the cannon was a bonus buy, purchased as part of a mixed bag of Games Workshop bits and pieces. While the figures were spare, being stuffed in to my Flintloque 'lead pile' drawer. I think they work well together.

Photo Two - Shows the finished, varnished and flocked cannon on it's custom built base.

Photo Three - The crew - a mix of spare or left-over figures!

I find that the challenge of building these On-Line Builds or Pledges force me to paint something each month - even if it is just a single figure. At this moment I don't have anything planned for December (this may change) but for now I might just take a break.

I hope you enjoy seeing this finished group of Flintloque figures.


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