Saturday 15 November 2014

Flintloque Howitzer

By way of a small interlude I have included these images of a converted Flintloque howitzer that I have just finished painting and varnishing.

The model uses the canon barrel and main carriage of the Flintloque Grand Alliance artillery set (59501), however I have shortened the carriage and rebuilt the axle, removing the original metal axle and re-building a wooden one from scrap balsawood. The wheels are from Citadel/Games Workshop, but even these have been re-worked.

The model sits a little lower than the original and is therefore ideally suited to my Flintloque Dwarf miniatures. It is my intention to mount the model onto a small display base with some items of 'clutter'. Stay tuned for more artillery pieces.

This November I have been watching with interest Craig Andrews' daily updates on Orcs in the Webbe. The updates are to celebrate 10 years of OITW and Blogging. For details go to this link.

I had not intended to compete with this madness - of posting a daily update each day for November, but find that the challenge has pushed me to search through my store of spare articles, updates and models to try and give you a daily update, each day for November. I hope you like them.


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