Wednesday 26 November 2014

Salamander Space Marine

My latest Games Workshop Space Marine miniature is this Salamander Space Marine Tech.

I have had the miniature both based and primed for some time, but other projects have taken priority. The display figure is mounted onto a block of thick plastic card with the rest of the base built up from Milliput and the texture added by scattering sand and small stones over dilute uPVA glue.

The colour scheme is copied from a miniatures featured in White Dwarf, Woodland Green and Chaos Black over a black basecoat. The back banner (a distinctive feature of these models) was painted onto a sticky-back paper label and trimmed to shape and highlighted after fitting to the banner pole.

I have used GW transfers/decals for the main icons.

Like all of my Space Marine display figures, I have used a wooden base to raise the figure a little higher than a standard gaming piece.



Lasgunpacker said...

Nice work! I like the banner particularly.

The figure is an apothecary though, a Marine medic.

Tony said...

Thanks for the update.