Friday 21 November 2014

Gnome Cannon for November - part five

The painting is now complete, just the varnishing and flocking to go and the small group of Gnome and Halflings will be ready for the gaming table.

I have purposely painted the three miniatures in a 'miss-match' of uniform colours to show that they are an irregular unit forced to make-do with whatever they can lay their hands on. This is true of the actual figures and cannons, A Games Workshop Dwarf Cannon left over from a box of second-hand miniatures I picked up in a charity shop; the Gnome from Obidiah's Gun half-box set (Alternative Armies 54501) and a couple of spare Halflings (Alternative Armies 57001) that I had left over from a previous project. Even the plastic disc base that the cannon is based on is a counter found in the bottom of my Spares Box.

I should have images of the finished models up on the Blog - very soon.


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