Friday, 27 January 2017

BS2017 - Hammerhead Shark - part fourteen

Yesterday evening I added the main Dorsal Fin or sail which was constructed from .75mm thick plastic card. The method I used to add the sail was to cut out the sail section with a small upright addition to the bottom and then carve out a portion of the main mast so that the sail and this addition fitted into the mast running from the deck and up the lower part of the mast. The join was strengthened with superglue and accelerator as well as adding a ring of superglue around the mast where the sail attaches. I'm sure you can follow this when you look at the images. When the superglue had fully set, I used a scalpel to trim down the diameter of the lower mast.

I also have to admit to the first mishap of the project. I broke off the upper tail section at the join with the rear deck and this join then had to be reinforced with superglue and accelerator applied in layers. Once the supeglue was set, I sanded the join to get rid of some of the excess superglue and to smooth out the join.

I have also added some hull decoration - I used a thin strip of sticky-back plastic along the side of the hull.

I added another layer of the filler/uPVA glue, this time with some white acrylic paint added to the mix to both define and smooth out the hull contours. The same mix was used to smooth out the Hammerhead Sharks head and the join where the head meets the deck.

Progress is very slow as the cold weather has meant that visits to the shed-at-the-bottom-of-the-garden are limited. In addition I am trying to restrict working on the Hammerhead Shark as I have a second and more important project on the go at the same time. Call it Bad Planning.


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