Friday, 6 January 2017

Cold War Frontier - Banbury Museum Cold War Exhibition

Sue and I visited the Cold War Frontier exhibition at Banbury Museum earlier today. I was first made aware of this unique exhibit back in early 2016, and promised myself that I would get to see it. Yesterday while trawling the Internet I saw that the temporary exhibit was ending this Saturday, so it was an early start to get down the M40 to see this exhibition before it closed.

And how glad I was to have made the effort, it was a great couple of hours reading about the history of RAF Upper Heyford and the SAC commands that were based there during the Cold War.

I know that passing this information on, with just one day to go, might seem a little late, but honestly, it was a very interesting and informative day and I would hope that plans for a permanent exhibition see fruit.

Full details can be found here but I am not sure how long the information will remain 'live' for.

It was well worth the hour long journey down to Banbury, I just wish I had been able to pass the information on earlier and maybe had a second visit, to double-check all of the information.


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