Saturday, 21 January 2017

BS2017 - Hammerhead Shark - part nine

I decided to remove the modern plastic vents or gills from the hull sides and replace them with sculpted or modelled plastic card gills. The vents were removed by placing a scalpel blade between the vents and the hull and twisting the blade - this did cause some damage, but this was quickly repaired with filler. I cut a strip of 4mm thick plastic card into a tapered or sharp triangle section and then sanded the cut edges smooth. Once I was happy with the profile I glued four gills to each side of the forward hull with superglue. When the glue was fully set, I used a scalpel and sanding sticks to refine the shape. I think the sculpted gills look better than the earlier grey plastic ones.

The hammerhead shark head was further detailed by sanding and the addition of more filler. I was very aware that this particular feature could make-or-break this particular build, So time spent getting it right was in my opinion time well spent.


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