Sunday, 29 January 2017

BS2017 - Hammerhead Shark - part sixteen

The construction is finished.

I have added two deck mounted guns, one on the fore deck and one to the stern. These were constructed from plastic card and plastic rod with sections of knitting needles as bases (the red discs).

The model is 140mm long, 54mm across the head and eyes, 25mm wide across the main hull and 48mm across the pectoral fins. It is 86mm tall, bottom of pectoral fin to top of mast and it weighs just 18g.

I would expect this to be the last set of images posted for now as the rules state that this is a Build Something Contest and not a Paint Something Contest.

But there may just be one more! An undercoated shot.

I estimate that there are well over 120 separate pieces to the model.



AJ (Allan) Wright said...

Just because the contest doesn't care to see it fully painted, doesn't mean your blog reader's don't want to see the finished shot!

Tony said...

I'll make sure that a fully painted and finished Hammerhead is included on the Blog. Hopefully very soon.


J Womack, Esq. said...

It's a beauty!