Sunday 9 January 2011

2011 - A slow start!

The last weeks of 2010 and now, the beginning of 2011 have been very quiet on the modelling and painting side. The cold weather before Christmas meant that I was not able to get to my tools and models which as regular followers know are situated in the-shed-at-the-bottom-of-the-garden.

I had hoped that in 2011 I would be able to make up for this with the start of some new projects, but work and (again) the cold weather have combined to keep me from modelling.

I have been enjoying my Christmas presents - a whole load of books, which I will review later, but as the temperature increases, I'll try to get back to painting and modelling as soon as possible.

I hope that others have been luckier than me and started the new year with loads of productive modelling.



Ludo Weyden said...

Hope the temprature will get better soon, but at least you must had enough time to make new ideas and plans for your creations. So that good start will come. cheers!

Andy said...

I've got the same problem: The books and PS3 are keeping me away from the painting ...