Tuesday 18 January 2011

Flintloque Terrain

The following images show some of my Flintloque themed terrain pieces - some of the simpler pieces. I have not included work-in-progress shots for the very good reason that there are none! These small terrain stands are really quite easy to make and in the main cost very little.

Photo One - Shows part of my gaming board and some of the various trees and bushes set against an ordinary blue bed sheet background. Bellingham Manor (front left) has been featured on this Blog before see; this post

Photo Two - Shows a simple piece of toffee-apple stick fencing, a resin barrel and some broom bristles set on to a 3mm MDF base.

Photo Three - Similar to the image posted above, toffee-apple fencing and a resin sack. The nails are just slivers of plastic rod, superglued to the distressed sticks.

Photo Four - A single tall tree which started life as a cheap Christmas decoration which has been cut and chopped about then had an extended trunk modelled with Milliput and once again mounted on to a small oval of 3mm MDF. The method I use to get this random tree shape is to place the tree in an oven (low heat), the foam is then partially melted to give the organic shape - please note that extreme care is needed to ensure that the effect is not too much. You also need a very (very) understanding Wife!

Photo Five - As above but with dried wood chips painted as stones/boulders on the base. Please note how the character of the tree can be changed by extending the trunk or tilting it.

The more rounded trees in the distance are cheap (very cheap) railway modelling trees, which are in fact lumps of dried and coloured sawdust mounted in a similar way to the evergreen trees. I have had these tree models for some time and use them for many different games and genres.

I have meant to include this series of images on my Blog for some time. In future I promise that I will include work-in-progress shots, particularly a before and after image of the 'cooked' trees!

The trees, fences and terrain bases have been painted with various acrylic paints. Keen eyes will see that the groundwork colour is Snakebite Leather from Games Workshop, with railway modelling dried sawdust as the green scatter material on both the bases and the gaming table.

Should you have any questions, you know where I am!


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Broeders said...

The fences look brilliant!