Sunday 16 January 2011

Flintloque Posters

A treat for Flintloque collectors. I was recently tidying up the attic in preparation for some new insulation when I came across two rolled up posters, the first is Sharke's Victory and the second Deadloque.

Each poster is 42 cms x 60 cms and although showing some 'wear and tear' they are in surprisingly good condition. The original artwork by Pete Knifton was used on the Deadloque Box Set and the Sharke's Victory Box Set. I had completely forgotten that I had them and as such this came as a pleasant treat for me, a treat that I thought I would share.

I was tempted to 'photo-shop' them, but in the end thought it better to show them without any update.

The posters were photographed in artificial light and are therefore a little 'yellow'.



FunkyBrush said...

That Sharke poster is awesome.

Rob Alderman said...


I would love to own a pair of those, they would be framed and adored in my hobby room!

You lucky guy. Never, ever seen these before.


Tony said...

Alternative armies are selling three of the original posters for £5.00 each, for more details go to;


Tony said...

I've just seen these images pop up on e-bay! Used to illustrate the Sharpe's Victory Box set.