Thursday, 13 January 2011

Uncle Rogipoos and Jose

Regular followers and Yahoo Group members will know all about Crazy Olde Uncle Rogipoos (and Jose). For those who are new to Flintloque and The Notables Yahoo Group, a full description can be found here

The latest Limited Edition set from Alternative Armies features Uncle Rogipoos, Jose (his sometimes invisible companion armadillo) and Nurse-y The Big Nurse. I had already converted and painted a miniature of Rogipoos and felt that painting up a second miniature was not necessary, so these photos show my own conversion rather than the figure that comes in the LE set. I would hope that the sculptor will understand - the spare miniature will be converted at some time in the future.

Photo One - Uncle Rogipoos and Jose.

Photo Two - Uncle Rogipoos and Jose (my own alternative Jose sculpt).

Photo Three - Uncle Rogipoos, Big Nurse and Jose.

Photo Four - A comparison photo of the two Jose sculpts. I was thinking of conducting a poll to ask regular readers which they prefer, but I would not wish to upset the AA sculptor (a very good friend).

Sorry; To be clear, my sculpt is to the left and the official AA sculpt to the right.

Photo Five - The Big Nurse and an Orc Strumpet that I purchased at the same time and have just completed.

Photos Six to Nine - The new miniatures based (on UK 2p coins) and awaiting paint.

Painting and modelling over the last two months has been greatly effected by the poor weather. These miniatures although purchased prior to Christmas have been patiently waiting on my modelling desk for a coat of paint and varnish. This morning I was eventually able to matte varnish the figures and add some static grass.

The weather has had a devastation effect on my paints and uPVA glues, all being frozen solid and possibly damaged beyond repair. In particular the Games Workshop Washes have frozen solid and have now separated into carrier and pigment!

I would hope that others have faired better in this cold snap.


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Rob Alderman said...

Hello Tony, totally happy to see you painted up the armadillo and Nurse!
I'll send you a private email with a bit more info!
Moora, the Orc Wench, looks great too! I really ought to get this model at some point, along with the 2 Ogress civilians!

(Personally, I prefer your version of Jose, but it's good to have the option I think!)