Sunday, 2 January 2011

Voyage into the Deep

I came across this hard-back Comic Book while searching the shelves in the local Poundland, an illustrated graphic novel by Francois Riviere and Serge Micheli.

The book which is 32cms x 24cms and 80 pages long is fully illustrated throughout and details the imagined meeting between Jules Verne and Captain Nemo. There is a very good review at; this link

The book is for sale in the Midlands branches of Poundland for (you guessed it) £1.00

Ideal source material and inspiration for Victorian Science Fiction (VSF) and in particular AquaNef from Wessex Games. It is also a good read!

Full details;
Voyage into the Deep - The saga of Jules Verne and Captain Nemo
by Francois Riviere and Serge Micheli.
Published by ABRAMS
ISBN; 0-8109-4830-3



Rob Alderman said...

Excellent, I think I'm popping into Coventry on Tuesday, so I'll check the two stores there.


Steve said...

Blimey, it's £10.76 on Amazon!

John Lambshead said...

I didn't know poundland sold books.

Tony said...

Hi John

Last year (2009) Sue bought a whole load of books from Poundland - mainly cookery and craft books.

It is well worth checking out PL as you never know what they will have.

I regularly buy my uPVA glue from them.