Monday 3 January 2011

Flintloque Barn

This is not a 'new build' but a Flintloque themed barn which I built some time ago and never got around to up-loading details.

Photo One - Shows the finished and painted Barn, with some modified Flintloque Orc Fencibles. For information, the first photo was taken out of doors and in direct sunlight. The groundwork is my usual gaming table with some model trees in front of a plain blue bed sheet. The later photos were taken some time ago and were taken indoors.

Photo Two - Construction is well advanced in this photo. A foamboard core with distressed balsa strip cladding, clay bricks and thin 'dolls house' tiles.

Photo Three - In this photo the bulk of the construction is finished and highlights the variety of different materials I use.

Photo Four - Painting is nearly finished and from here I just have to drybrush the Snakebite Leather base and add some flock/static grass.

Photo Four and Five - Show the finished Barn with photos taken from both sides, the front with the main double doors and the rear.

The model was varnished with water-based Matte Varnish, but since these photos have been taken, I have given it a second coat which has helped to matte the roof tiles down.

The Barn is a solid model and has no internal detail and a fixed roof, the groundwork is DAS modelling clay with a single Hovels barrel and a cast metal wagon wheel from my 'bits box'. The building was painted over a Chaos Black base with various Acrylic Paints.

From memory - the building was based on a GW Warhammer Barn featured in White Dwarf.



Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Very nice!


Rob Alderman said...

Bloomin' beautiful!

I really wish I had time to make wonderful buildings like this. I'm always too busy painting Slaughterloo sized flintloque units!!!

I really like the 60th rifles by the way. I've been meaning to paint up my own set for quite some time now...

Captain Richard's miniature Civil War said...

Excellent job on that barn

John Lambshead said...

A very nice piece of terrain.

Tony said...

Thanks for the comments.


Hi Rob,

I'm glad you like the 60th Rifles, a composite regiment led by the infamous Awrance, the long haired dandy.


Anonymous said...

Really nice and tidy building packed with character, but also looks like a pleasantly simple build.