Saturday 29 January 2011

Wanted Flintloque LE 034 Sir Willorcby & Lady Anna

Wanted Flintloque LE 034 Sir Willorcby & Lady Anna from Alternative Armies. Can anyone help?

Image taken from the Alternative Armies/Flintloque web pages.

I have been looking out for this particular limited edition and out-of-production set for some time - so far with out success and though I would ask on this Blog if any follower or reader has a spare set they would be willing to part with.

If you have a set, please contact me via this Blog or on my personal e-mail address;




Rob Alderman said...

Keep a keen eye in Gavin's Swop Drawer. That's how I got mine!!!

I think it was only in production for a very short while, I'm not even sure if there were 1000 made.

As far as I know (not from the horse's mouth, but from rumourous murmerings), the code was dropped when Sir Willorcby was accidentally sold as the Fencibles Officer...
Same goes for Captain Flashorc, he is sold with the Reloaded 'starter set' Grenadier Orcs...

As for Lady Anna, I have no idea how you'd get one, without going to the swop drawer.

I picked mine up at Salute, when Ross kindly pointed out that they were sitting on the Blister Pack racks!!!

Cheers, if I find one, I'll let you know.

Tony said...

Hi Rob,

Thanks for the info. I am aware that this particular LE was not around for long. I should have picked them up when I had the chance, but I have so many un-painted miniatures, that I try to limit my purchases (Unsuccessfully I might add).

Gavin is aware that I'm looking, but thought that a post here (and on LAF) was worth a try.

I'll be posting more details once it is confirmed, but I am planning on being at Alumwell in March. I have some days holiday owing and am trying to plan a day out, sorry a weekend out!

I might see you there.


Rob Alderman said...

I'm sure you will Tony, I have every intention of going!
And as I said, I'll keep my eyes open for you. :)