Thursday 27 January 2011

Flintloque Posters

This morning I received my Flintloque posters from Alternative Armies, for more information go to this link

I decided to order all three, Flintloque (1st Edition), Deadloque (1st Edition) and Grapeshotte (1st Edition). I have no idea what I will do with them, but hopefully (one day) they will get framed and adorn my still to be built gaming room!

I had previously commented on two such posters that I had found while tidying up the attic. Although I am in regular correspondence with Edward Jackson, the current AA resident artist, I still like to see the old Pete Knifton artwork - call me old fashioned, even sentimental, but the original and 1st Edition Flintloque is still my favourite piece of themed artwork.

Here is the Grapeshotte poster in all its glory.


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Rob Alderman said...

Hey There

I ordered mine too, but with Bier and Bones, so I'll have to wait until mid-February for mine!

They look lovely, and yeah, I like Knifton's artwork, I love going through old wargames books and finding other bits and bobs by him (RAVEN - Fantasy miniatures game for example). Very good draughtsman, but not as humourous as our Edward eh!