Friday 9 November 2012

S.P.Q.ORC - Pax Bochemannica - the Halflings part two

The Boche Halflings from the soon to be released game Pax Bochemannica are not your friendly, furry footed hobbit types made famous by Tolkien; No these are more like Essex, skin head thugs with real attitudes on a very bad day.

Dave Toone has done a great job of sculpting not just gaming miniatures but true characters, each an individual, dressed in simple dungarees and sporting braces.

The painting progressed with a basecoat mixed from Beastial Brown and Snakebite Leather. I applied two thin coats rather than one so as to not obliterate the fine sculpting.

Next was a wash made up of Ogrin Flesh and Badab Black.

A layer of Snakebite (with some grey and Beastial Brown added) to highlight the muscles, in the Kevin Dallimore style.

Then a more detailed layer of Snakebite and Pale Flesh.

Finally a second layer of highlighting and then a quick wash with the old GW or Citadel Flesh wash, the one in the blue topped pot.

And the flesh areas are finished.

This flesh recipe was made-up as I went along and is not my usual Snakebite, Snakebite/Skull White, Skull White recipe. I think it gives a more 'earthy' or natural scheme.

"Does anyone else think that these miniatures look like Yul Brynner?"



Rob Alderman said...

Great stuff as ever, I like the idea of painting skin by adding white to snakebite leather. Very interesting!


Unknown said...

jolly good.

And, yes, they look like a horde of Yuls

Mac Coxhead said...

I'm not sure that Yul would be any happier to be seen among these wee hardmen than Dave Toone is ;) I love the flesh effect you have achieved with these chappies Tony, and the simple way you explain the stages is a boon to me :)