Monday 19 November 2012

S.P.Q.ORC - Pax - Bochemannica - the Halflings part three

I have painted the bases and the all-important braces!  There are still some bits and pieces to finish off, but the figure painting is now nearing completion.

As with the Noman Orc Legionaries the bases have been painted with a slightly darker brown than I usually use and washed with Badab Black. The small stones were picked out in dark Grey and again washed.

In the next post I will detail the metallics and small shields or 'bucklers'.

The Limited Edition Box Set is now available for pre-order, for full details go to this link.


1 comment:

Rob Alderman said...

Lovely stuff matey! They are coming along wondefully.
Might be worth noting, the website is not *quite * there yet, just waiting for the boring banking stuff.
I'm hoping that maybe Dave will make the gallry section a mixture of fan-entered pictures and the studio photographs. As much as I like my own models, I get more inspiration from looking at everyone elses!!!!