Thursday 15 November 2012

The Society of Fantasy and Science Fiction Wargamers

Earlier this week I found myself commenting on some posts over on The Notables where members were talking about Ragnarok, the in-house magazine of  The Society of Fantasy and Science Fiction Wargamers (SFSFW). Regular readers and followers know that I am a great advocate of the magazine believe it to have some of the best fan-written articles currently available. However I am ashamed to say that I am not a member! I have picked up my copies from Leisure Games in London or via the Internet.

As I sat at my computer bemoaning the poor regularity of the magazine I felt a little ashamed. This was further exasperated when I read this post from Steve Blease (founder of the Society and sometimes editor).....

.....I thought - "It is about time I did something about it." And I have now joined SFSFW.

Details of how to join are here and at just £18.00 per 6 issues of Ragnarok (thats £1.50 per month - if the magazine is published once a month or £3.00 per magazine), I think it is tremendous value for money.

I have been thinking of joining for some years - always finding an excuse as to why it can wait. However now that I am a fully paid up member, I would recommend that other who have been thinking about joining do so now and like me finally get around to supporting this group of like-minded gamers.

It has been many years since I attended BiFrost (the SFSFW trade show) and still miss it as it was a great show. Similarly I have in the past written for Ragnarok (My Flintloque Steam Tanks or DampfPanzerWagons) and continue to do so (hopefully to be published soon).

I now look forward to receiving my copy of the Rag, as a paid up member and not sneaking in via the back door.

"Pull your finger out and join today - The Rag needs you."



David Drage said...

Welcome to SFSFW.

I might add that we are a friendly bunch, and even though I have only actually met one or two other members, I consider many to be my friends...

Steve said...

Good chap!