Saturday, 24 July 2010

1st Moldsk Guard for Flintloque

I am very proud of this latest release from Alternative Armies - the 1st Moldsk Guard, which were sculpted by me some time ago. The set of sixteen Undead Bog Orcs are available as a Limited Edition Unit for £36.00, see;

These two images were copied from the Alternative Armies Barking Irons Blog, see;

Full details of the miniatures, their gaming stats for Flintloque/Slaughterloo and painting notes are available from the AA web pages. In addition there is a game scenario featuring this unit printed in the latest game supplement Grapeshotte.

This photo shows my very own set. I have had them for some time but am still to get around to basing and painting them. Maybe now that they have been (officially) released and I have seen a set painted up, I will get around to finishing my own unit!

The original 'master' miniatures are a mix of converted and modified Orcs and Bog Orcs, and based on illustrations from a feature called - Russian Napoleonic Infantry and Foot Artillery Uniforms 1812 - 1815, on page 48 of The Foundry Compendium. I had great fun modelling the Grenadier plumes!

This Limited Edition box set is limited to just 100 sets. If you are tempted, I would suggest that you act fast, very fast - the first Limited Edition Unit, 3o Bella Manicotti - a group of 16 Todoroni sold out very quickly.


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Rob Alderman said...

Well, you very nicely sent me some a while back and they are lovely miniatures. I am hoping to pick up a full unit asap! In fact, I might pop an email to Gavin now!