Wednesday, 28 July 2010

In praise of Limited Edition Miniatures

Regular followers of this Blog will be well aware of my collection of Flintloque figures, a collection that I have been adding to for many, many years. In addition to the Box Set and Blisters I also have quite a few of the Limited Edition releases (either 500 or 1000 castings) and even a couple of the Very Limited Edition (250 castings). I believe that they add 'colour' and character to my collection and where ever possible, I base and paint them, rather than keeping them as investments - some of the early LE blisters fetch huge amounts on e-bay.

I was therefore surprised to read adverse comments relating to companies who release LE editions or special sets and this got me thinking. I know that Games Workshop, Alternative Armies and Privateer Press produce limited edition miniatures, as do many more. The numbers range from hundreds to thousands of castings per release so there MUST BE a market for these figures.

As stated above, not only do I regularly purchase these miniatures, I base and paint them (and when ever possible play with them - it is rare nowadays!)

I posted a query on the Yahoo Notables board asking for comments and one member stated that he found it a shame that ANY mould/mold was destroyed. This is a statement that I found myself agreeing with and now I'm confused. I know that I enjoy collecting LE's but also agree that the destroying of any miniature mold is such a shame!

In summary, I believe that the release of LE's is a good thing and I will continue to collect them to add it my collection, but would like to hear other views.



Unknown said...

The only limit to an edition of something should be how many you can sell.

Drew Olds said...

A lot of times, the limit to the edition is based on how many the company thinks they can sell. I've seen very few where the minis were grossly under-produced.

Honestly, I don't see any great advantage for me from a limited release, but I can see why a company would do it. And it is kind of nice to find Con specials.

But I'm with you. I just treat them like any other mini.

Rob Alderman said...

With AA, I think it is because they do not like to replace existing codes very often. The Bella Manicotti and the Moldsk guards would be replacing the Bella Lugosi and Moskova Grenadiers, but rather than doing that by releasing them as general releases, they release them as LEUs. Characters, I think, are good LE's. Characters which cannot be used too often are good VLEs.

I think it is nice to have a collection that is worth something. It is a shame when you cannot find a figure easily, but the work finding the mini you want is well worth it. 100 runs is a very short run (LEUs, for example) and will be impossible to find, but I know they are going to the right people, the hardcore flintloque fans and not just collectors of rare miniatures.

Just my thoughts

Tony said...

Hi All,

Thanks for the comments (so far).

I tend to agree more with Rob (again so far), but also realise that a company would not produce/release limited edition miniatures/units unless there was a 'real' market and a very good chance that they would sell.

You only have to GOOGLE Limited Edition and you can see how many see this as a means to making money.

For me, I enjoy Flintloque and see the LE's as an added bonus, one that I love to search out.


Andyroo said...

I do enjoy the collection and use of LEs and have a fair number I use. I also find myself lusting after some that I cannot get or could not do justice to.

What does bug me though is when the whole idea is abused - limited in one country but available direct from the catalogue (at a reduced price) in another.

I do have LEs sat in a cupboard unused but none of these are figures - they go one the table where they belong!


Rob Alderman said...

I should also add, it is actually insulting to the sculptor to leave them in the packet, unpainted.

I sculpt miniatures to be painted! Not to be ebayed in 10 years time over and over and over again!!!!!


Dangel said...

I can see the reasons behind making LE minis but for me its actually a bit off putting - malifaux for instance did a superb LE female gremlin hog whisperer that I was intent on getting, when I found out it was unavailable I decided not to make a purchase, same with the new dream chompy bits thing - Id definitely own one but if its only available during gen con its very unlikely I can afford it. Gw are the worst though for sure - space hulk LE was a crime! - In short if Im gonna collect a range id like to be able to get them all without lining the pockets of some unscrupulous ebayer

-Warren Zoell said...

That's Molesto the 8th dwarf :)

Unknown said...


I fully agree that they should be painted and used, and to quote Rob.......

"I sculpt miniatures to be painted! Not to be ebayed in 10 years time over and over and over again!!!!!"

.....but by labelling a range of figures as LE doesn't that dictate that ebay is exactly where a lot of them will end up as he correctly points out, over and over again.

LE also, in my opinion, feels (from personal experience) like this section of gaming excludes new participants (eg you can't get that figure because you weren't involved at the time they were released). I have found that disheartening and off putting and to go back to the ebay subject, puts the available figures from an LE range out of touch of gamers and in the hands of figure entrepreneurs and collectors.

Oh and by the way I have to say that destroying a valid mold is murder ;-)