Saturday, 31 July 2010

A Frankfurt Experience

This week I had two days in Germany, visiting Frankfurt. The visit had been planned for some time and I was able to visit Hessenpark, a huge open air building and lifestyle museum just North-East of Frankfurt. The museum has over 80 open air building, all fully kitted-out with authentic equipment and exhibits. A great day out, a real 10 out of 10 for just an entry cost of 6 Euros. On day two, prior to the journey back home, I visited the Roman Fort at Saalburg again a great day out, following the 'LIMES', a fortified series of Roman forts, castles and towers.

Photo One - Shows the main square at Hessen Park, each of the buildings is a retail store, a toy shop, a tourist information shop, a flower show or a bakery etc. etc.

Photo Two - This is just one of the many, many exhibits, I hope that this gives a 'feel' for just how well maintained these buildings are.

Photo Three - Later we had time to explore the Romer District of Frankfurt and ate Wiener Schnitzel and drank Stoffsche, the local 'Blonde' Beer, here are some examples of the local architecture.

Photo Four - The reconstructed Roman Fort at Saalburg, a complete and beautifully restored Roman Fort, including four gates, hundreds of metres of walls and ditch, a stone Granary, wooden barracks, a main hall and official buildings. A truly fantastic experience, another 10 out of 10. This is a photo of one of the minor gates.

Prior to leaving the UK, I had updated my measly 128MB camera memory card to 2GB. I have taken 500 photographs over two days!

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Tankred said...

Living in Frankfurt it is very nice to see, that you liked that places I love about my Heimat, too! You have chosen very well! Thanks for mentioning!