Friday, 23 July 2010

Cool Mini or Not Annual 2008

I have just received my copy of the Cool Mini or Not Annual 2008. I already have the first annual, the 2003 edition (which was bought for me by my daughter) and had no hesitations in ordering this second edition.

I would add that the book was delivered within the week, from ordering to delivery in the UK. very good service, thank you!

At over £32.00 (inc. postage from the US), it is an expensive purchase, but one that I know I will enjoy. The 134 full colour pages are just jam packed with images of superbly painted figures, true Eye-Candy. For more details and some examples of the illustrations go to;

The hard back book is beautifully made, a true limited edition and crafted book, from the gloss/matt covers to the high quality art-quality paper, it is a beautiful possession. The contents are split into five main sections, they are;
Fantasy Miniatures, the largest section,
Science Fiction Miniatures,
Scratchbuilt & Terrain,
Busts & Historical Miniatures

I think my favourite sections are Fantasy and Scratchbuilt & Terrain, although there are just so many great illustrations that it would be difficult to put forward a real argument for any one section as the painted miniatures are just so well done. So far I have really only browsed the pages, but I am sure there will be more for me to study and as a book of inspiration, I know I will use it and enjoy it.

I have noticed that since I started collecting modelling/figure painting books, the style of painting has changed quite considerably, for the better I may add. The early Heavy Metal style, bright colours and almost cartoon style, via the Dallimore - layering techniques, to what I would currently describe as more realistic, more artistic or European Style, the contents of the Cool Mini or Not site seem to illustrate this better than words. I would add that I enjoy ALL styles of miniature painting, but enjoy the slightly 'brighter' style, as demonstrated by examples in recent White Dwarf magazines, more than the grey or 'earthier' style, seen on some recent examples of painted miniatures.

Full details are;
ISBN 978-0-9845295-0-6
Published and available from Cool Mini or Not at;

I don't think I have anything negative to say, £30.00 very well spent and I would highly recommend it to others.



Dencarion said...

My copy just arrived this morning.
It looks great, eventhough only two images per featured pieces is sometimes a bit disapointing - there are some models I just NEED to see more...*sigh*
But I do agree, the scatchbuilding section is just awesome.
A nice inlcusion is the historical section and the busts.

Corvus said...

My book is still at the post office, I wasn't home when the postman visited my house.

Glad you like it. The book with shipping to Europe isn't cheap, but I guess it's worth the money.