Sunday 19 April 2015

Building Number Three - part two

The title is a little cryptic, but see this earlier post for details. The thatched and timber hovel has had some additional work done to it, but the main changes since the earlier post have been the addition of 'clutter'. Loads of it.

It is my intention to use this building in my Pax Bochemannica games - a very special themed building.

You will find over on the Orcs in the Webbe site a number of Pax Bochemannica scenarios written by me, the first Parley Vous Boche introduces a group of hapless Boch led by one Del-Boy Trotter and his even dumber brother Rodders.

This is Del-Boy's hovel, a run-down shack that acts as his base of operation's and store house for all of his 'shifty' 'knock-off' gear. - hence all the clutter. It just needs a three-wheel cart (painted yellow of course) to complete the picture.

You can also see Del-Boy's family heirloom - The Del-Boy standard of a wild boar - The Trotters Totem stuck in the roof eaves and proclaiming to all that Del-Boy's is open for business.


With various commissions taking up most of my spare time, I'm not sure when this piece of terrain will be painted, but I'm enjoying the building and detailing.

In this image, I have given the whole model a very thin wash of dirty Black to highlight all that sculpted-on detail and I'm not sure that I have finished adding bits! You'll just have to check back and see if there are any other goodies for sale at Del-Boy Trotter's emporium.


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