Monday 13 April 2015

Military Modelling - the latest Collectors Edition

Each year for my birthday, my Mother sends me a voucher for WH Smiths (the UK magazine and book retailer) which allows me to treat myself to modelling magazines for the remainder of the year. This year my first purchase using this voucher is the Military Modelling Collectors' Edition eighteen - Military Vehicle Special (April 2015).

For anyone not familiar with these 'specials', the magazines are collections of articles which seem more in-depth and detailed than the ones in the regular magazine and are usually 'themed' for example AFV's, Military Figures etc. This edition - Military Vehicles.

The 100 page, Gold Topped magazines are a real treat and appear about twice or three times a year, so look out for them (or search e-bay). I have at least half a dozen of the eighteen and prize every one of them. For details of the contents, please go to this link.

As with the earlier editions, this is a magazine to enjoy slowly and I like to savour each article from front-to back, one a day over a week or so. I particularly enjoyed the Schneider CA. 1 article by Steve Zaloga, although why anyone would spend so much time and effort detailing the under-carriage of this tank, when none of it can be seen is a mystery to me;)

Moving on the next article by Christopher McGrane - Hors de L'Action is one of those 'jaw-dropping' models and dioramas that are such a feature of these magazines. A truly breathtaking model of another French tank - a Char 2C which has been sabotaged by it's own crew!

Two more articles of note are the Chruchill Mk.III Tank model constructed by Steve Guthrie in 1/72nd scale, which goes to show just how much detailing you can include in a model in this scale and the Russian GAZ truck by Mario Eens, a master-craft in how to paint green vehicles.

As you can no doubt tell, I have enjoyed each and every article, even the adverts, which have highlighted some new-to-me products, products and books that I am so tempted to buy.

The magazine is currently on sale in WH Smiths for £4.99 and in my opinion worth every penny.

Thank you Mum XXX


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