Sunday 26 April 2015

Todoroni Regiment - part seven

With the end of the month in sight, I have persevered with this latest On-Line Build, a third regiment of Alternative Armies Todoroni. I have to say that I have not enjoyed the painting as much as the earlier two regiments and I put this down to one simple fact; I've never been convinced with the purple coloured cuffs and collars.

As you can plainly see, I have repainted these areas Dark Red or Crimson with Blood Red highlights and (in my opinion) the uniform now looks better.

Most of the painting in this update has been detail painting, more metallics and highlighting the skin colour with lighter Greens (mixed with Yellow and not White, which I find gives the Green a haunted look).

In addition I have painted this flag or standard. I have used a 'sticky-back' label for the base and copied a design from the Internet. The central motif was a decal, which broke-up on application, so I have over-painted it.

Not much to do now. Although I am looking forward to testing out my new Flock-Applicator (see earlier post) when I flock the bases.

More to follow, but not that much.....



Rob Alderman said...

Really great work Tony, I love the banner.
I agree, the crimson works better. I guess it's just the colour contrast is a little nicer.

Phil said...

Cool, nice job a,d great looking banner....